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    Got so busy I have SORN'ed the MERC

    I had mine SORN'd in March and just taxed it again today, so I could get some bulky supplies.
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    Solar water heater advice wanted

    I did abandoned the idea of solar heating. I can't remember if I mentioned this on here, but I picked up a second hand Carver 2 in good condition.
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    Van Cam - Security Cameras - Reports ?

    I'm using a Neos SmartHome thing that Gadget John mentioned once. It was about £25 and plugs into a USB socket. The day and night image quality is remarkably good and I get alerts on my phone with a short video clip if there's motion or sound detected. I did disable the sound trigger though...
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    Carver Cascade gas water heater - anyone fitted one themselves?

    I did fit it in the end, and forgot I had started this thread! I also knocked together a talky video or what I did. It might help someone one day, and it hasn't exploded yet :)
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    Iveco 2007 Library Van - Any good ??

    Heh, funnily enough my wife is a retired teacher.
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    Iveco 2007 Library Van - Any good ??

    Can you just image a bus turning up with 6 kids? That alone would make me cringe.
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    Bit of encouragement needed

    @ScoTTyBEEE have you watched any of the Project Amber videos? He also converted the same vehicle and probably has some knowledge of what you're going through.
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    Bit of encouragement needed

    If you've got somewhere off the road to work and aren't in a rush, take your time and enjoy the process of conversion. It's taken me a couple of years to get where I am today, as life and stuff just got in the way. The same result in the end though.
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    IFTTT - Van Heater - Smart Plug

    It's a BT router but I disabled the unreliable WiFi and have tp-link access points.
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    IFTTT - Van Heater - Smart Plug

    That's weird, as my network is 2Ghz and 5Ghz, so not sure which one they're connected on. I just ran Fing on my phone and they all appear. The mac vendor is saying "Espressif" for all of them.
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    IFTTT - Van Heater - Smart Plug

    I'm surprised you didn't get the teckin plugs working. I've got a couple of versions at home running on schedules (Smart Life app) and connected to google home for voice control. The round ones are especially nice as they don't cover the on/off switch of the wall socket, but they lack the energy...
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    How do you remove a rear view mirror screen mounting?

    I bought a rear-view monitor that clips onto the mirror. Too late to change?
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    Cleaning Habitation Gas Lines ?

    I fitted an inline filter on my tank. It seemed expensive but it might prevent this.
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    Connecting heater to diesel tank?

    You should find the use of red diesel etc are covered by section 5 of this document: Have a good read of the 5.2 and 5.3 as it also answers questions asked in this thread.
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    Is it a bathroom?

    I've stayed in Spanish hotels where you almost have to stand to have a bath :)