what to write with pics and logbook for dvla


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There are some real corkers out there it has to be said.

A number of these had met the requirements of the dvla on paper but were, from memory, kicked back on seemingly wooly issues to do with proportion of living space to garage space etc.

There was an issue with the dvla several years back where they were refusing almost everything that was being submitted for change to 'motor caravan' over a period of several months, so it may have been that these coincided with that. Evidently some tweak to the vetting policy that was being used in an overzealous manner.


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Mine started out on the basis of it being a van to take the bike to track days in. Then our lass says "make sure there's room for me". Then a kitchen, and wardrobe, etc etc etc

So, still gonna be riding to track days until I get a trailer. Talk about getting sidetracked.

big tree

Thank you all for your comments & help.

I will send a pic of the rear with just the door open on one side the other closed showing the reg no. with a push bike in the back on the open door, & put a pic of the outside electric point & water filler.

& hope for the best .

As much as the back garage is quite big I use it to get changed in as well as put mx bikes in, so really it is being used other than storage.

Thank you all again.

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