Thistle - Ex Ambulance to...... well hopefully something else

Treat all rust once cleaned with two pack zinc rich epoxy,jutin clark or sigma are good quality paints.

Yep I am going to take your advice and do so, ditto for about 75% of the hole I intend to treat and then fill in as well
It is Snowing here today (quite a difference to yesterdays Sunshine) so it has been a stay indoors day.

Hi do you intend to fill in the holes left by the tracking? On my T4 I used roofing bolts filled around with adhesive to seal all the mounting holes but not sure how good that would be long term (didn't fancy having them all welded up!)
Yep I will fill the tiny holes made by the wood screws they screwed the plywood down with using Tiger seal or similar after I have cleaned up and treated each hole but for the bigger holes i.e where the Unwins track was, that I will not be keeping, or the even bigger holes where the tail lift, patient seats oxygen bottle brackets etc were fitted, I will probably use bolts and Tigerseal. and then underseal everything so it at least matches!

I just happen to have loads of salvaged bolts from caravan floors when I dismantled a couple to build Chicken coops and they have nice flat heads as well so will not protrude excessively inside the van I don't think I need to go to the extent of welding though.

It rather reminds me of an Engineer I worked with at GEC in 1976 who had a Austin Cambridge, every time it failed the MOT for rust he would bolt in a bit of angle iron then weld it up!
....It rather reminds me of an Engineer I worked with at GEC in 1976 who had a Austin Cambridge, every time it failed the MOT for rust he would bolt in a bit of angle iron then weld it up!
I went to college with a guy who ran a FIAT 127.
every few months the underseal/anti-chip coating got higher and higher to keep the sills attached to the body. By the end of the course it was upto the handles :D

Actually it just occurred to me I should have a couple of bags of new dome headed bolts somewhere about 20mm long which I used to use for mounting HP Proliant Servers in Racks, they will be perfect for this exercise.

I did find an even bigger hole in the Cab
Remember mine is an Auto

Well where the Clutch actuator should be is a hole! I guess it once had a rubber bung in there but is now bung-less
I was wondering where some fumes were getting in and I am pretty sure that's where.

I will make use of some of the spare white plastic cladding I have removed and make up a neat patch using a hole saw to stick over the hole.
Here's a potentially strange question
Karen wants me to fit some form of outside storage perhaps bolted on to one of the rear doors to use as a bin primarily for a specific type of waste.........

Doggy poop bags

We always clear up after our dogs but there is no way I am having the bags in the van till we can bin them so I am after something small robust accessible and secure. to bolt on (or under) the van externally

I have thought about using a lockable wall mounted letter box type thingy

Any ideas?
don't make it lockable and maybe other 'opportunist' people may take them off your hands :)
Yes that did occur to me ;)

The other problem is our dogs turn into ballistic missiles when the postman comes up our drive and I think a post box rattling on the back of the van as we drive along might remind them of home & drive them scatty!

A piece of black 110mm drain pipe just under the back of the van might do the job if I can find a screw type cap for it.
yep something like that might do
I will have to go a do a 'grubby paw' test on it to ensure any typical 'average fill' type bags we put in through the hole can be retrieved and if the thread allows room to trap a 'liner' bag because that would also make retrieval easier.

Note this solution probably would not work very well for the output of bigger dogs................

We have a Beagle and two Corgis
As a passionate dog owner and having built my entire van around the needs of our 3 x spaniels, aren't you going somewhat OTT @Duckato ?

OK I designed and built into my van an entire rear garage/storage area with absolutely loads of storage room for items such as full poop bags, but surely if you were to carry a few heavy duty bin liners inside your van, or even some large capacity zip fastening food bags, then couldn't you pop the used poop bags into one of these until you arrived at a suitable disposal point?

@Millie Master
Yes probably we could but it is fun to explore differing alternatives and their's going to be a few of those in and outside of my van.

Did you see the LCI stand at the NEC in October with the Dog kennel
That was a bit to ott even for me but I liked their thinking.
I took some footage with my mobile it appears at about the 1 minute point

Yesterday I removed the redundant Ambulance wiring that was under the bonnet & today I have taken out the wiring that went to the back of the van.
I also removed the rear bumper to repair a broken parking sensor housing found loads of mud behind the wheel arch liner.
And we had some Snow so I uploaded a video of my Sheep and Chickens investigating that as well.

Tomorrow I will be removing the last of the wiring that goes to the switches in the Dash and then I can actually start building something! Or at least start installing stuff rather than taking it out :)

I would plan the wiring runs first and put all on paper before doing anything,much more easy to correct with a pencil than with a saw.

That is keen working outside in conditions like there are at the moment!

Are you simply running cable in or are you planning to run them in trunking?

For all the main front to back cables in my build I ran them through some 40mm drain pipe along with some additional pull through leads should I need to ever run through any additional cables in the future.

Yep I intend to run similar as I think there is sufficient space behind the void created by the ply panels I removed (and will be refitting) that the original lockers had as backing.

Yesterday did not feel cold at all but today it is all grey and miserable so we took a run out to mid Wales to pick an item up that I bought on Ebay. Lovely scenery over their today especially the Snow on the higher hills then on the way back I stopped off at Screwfix to buy an LED work light and some Heat-shrink tubing.

A tool-station has opened up directly opposite Screwfix as well now - competition or what!

So we took a run out to mid Wales
As you live in North Shropshire and of course if you haven't already done so. When I was living in the wilds just outside Kerry, I opened a cash only account with Boys & Boden where first of all I had cleared with them that I was about to start a major building project and gave them a full list of the types (but not quantities) of the woods, plywoods, adhesives etc. etc. I would be needing.
Quite amazingly on the plywoods I was receiving almost a 60% discount off the retail prices and a similar amount off the woods and something like 30% of adhesives, paints and general plumbing and hardware.

If you haven't done so already it might be worth your while seeing if you can arrange something similar with either B & B or something similar, but Travis Perkins could only offer 10%!