Eberspacher diesel fitter


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hi ya people still new to site but anyway bought a ex minibus fitted out as camper changing things to suit me now its got one of these heaters fitted but i have no idea how to start it i know its got power because while playing with what i think is the thermastate timer thing the fan started i have read its got to have the right power to it which comes of my solar power batterys it has a plastic tank inside the van and what seems to me a very short exhaust pipe under the van so can anybody recomend a firm or people who check this over im in notts quite willing to pay thank you


Before you pay anyone to look at it, there are two easy things you can do yourself..

Check the voltage of the two thick cables at the heater and check the diesel filter which is a very small plastic filter mounted inside the inlet union to the pump

I have put a manual for the eberspacher airtronic heaters in the resource section.