Do you carry a scooter or motorbike in your garage?


I thought there were strict rules (drugs, weapons etc) about when police could search inside your vehicle. On a routine DVSA inspection, wouldn't opening the garage be a search, rather than a vehicle inspection?


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Yes Chris,
But what folk are not aware of is that as far as vehicles are concerned the DVSA have far more powers than Mr Plod, and on a roadside spot check they are checking for conformity to construction and use of a vehicle, this is why it is not left to the police alone to do these spot checks.

Mr Plod is not trained in the construction and use of all vehicles which requires the observation of loads and load capasity etc, ( Looking into the garage of a vehicle checking what is carried on the tow bar is included ) so DVSA are present to report that an offence has taken place to Mr Plod, Plod then informs the driver that he or she has committed an offence under the Road traffic act and is being reported to the commissioner's office, where the case is then sent to court and prosecuted. If the driver them decides to have his or her day in court the police will present as their professional witness the DVSA officer ( Not Mr Plod ) who inspected the vehicle in the first place and unless he made a complete muck up of his findings his statement will stand up in court.

There is a lot more to this than meets the eye and I'm working on it behind the scenes
But what I can say at the present is that because VOSA were government funded this situation never came to the fore, now that DVSA are self funded it has put a whole different slant on it, ( It's all to do with MoT classification and money made by carring out an MoT test) I'll leave you for a bit of fun to work out why and will give you my explanation when I've got it all ready to present to the major motorhome clubs.🙄Phil


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Ok all I have had a reply from The Caravan and motorhome club.

The answer is as follows.

Dear Phil

Martin Spencer our technical manager has looked into your enquiry and read your attached e/mails.

He has concluded that the information fed back by DVSA is incorrect and would not hold up in a court of law.

The only time the motorhomes identity could be questionable is if at M,O,T stage the motorbike was left on the motorhomes rack and he still thinks this would be arguable ..

So going forward he says that to ignore the hearsay on this, and if anyone was fined they should seek legal advice and appeal the offence.

We do have meetings with DVSA and DVLA and will bring this up when next in communication with these associations.

If you feel this answer is not satisfactory we suggest maybe speaking to the clubs legal help line for extra advice.

Phone number is on your membership card.


Dave Frost

Technical Advisor

Caravan and Motorhome Club

T: +44 (0) 1342 336611



Hope this helps folk who are in trepidation

Phil. 👌

We are getting somewhere,all we can do is either hope no one here gets shafted or the said person who sup did goes back to court,i would thing the caravan/camping club will verif this and let us know.
Thank you for those who have helped on this so far from me.

Sounds like if I did have a problem at least the Caravan club should back me up - been a member a long time.


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Had a reply from The Caravan and Camping club technical department, and they have given almost the same reply as The Caravan and Motorhome Club. Phil

Had a reply from The Caravan and Camping club technical department, and they have given almost the same reply as The Caravan and Motorhome Club. Phil
My concern is Phil is that if there is any grey area at all, then an (underhand, self funding) organisation such as the DVSA might try and make something about nothing which is why this matter surely needs addressing at ministry level so that any and all suspicion is removed, which is hopefully what the combined strengths of the C&MC and C&CC might be able to accomplish?

Well done Phil, hopefully they will both be keeping you informed.



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Yes Phil they have both promised that they will keep me informed on development.🙂Phil

Thanks Phil, much appreciate chasing that up . My vans specifically for carrying my trail bike and I obviously camp in it when I’m out and about so affects me

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