When it comes to van you converted, what was your worst decision?

Millie Master

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I/we love our 'Millie', 5 years on after the build she is still totally rattle free and everything is still working perfectly despite her being used extensively.

But there is one thing that I am always kicking myself about buying the (totally) unloved ex shop fitters van in the first place and that is her colour! I always think that silver cars and vans are the easiest to keep and look clean, but, unless you spend a small fortune on having a professional body shop do any paintwork repairs I find the colour nigh on impossible to match or ghost blend in.

If I were ever to do another build then the only (practical) colour for me is white!


ps. I might also fit an underslung gas tank next time


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For me, deciding on how long it was being kept for. Nothing worse than going back to fix a problem you knew was going to bite you.


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I have a white van, but the problem is, there are hundreds of different colours of white. In the sunshine from the side of our van there are 4 different shades of white from where repairs have been made in the past.