swb vivaro budget build


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I have replaced the wheel bolts and spigot rings with the correct ones for those wheels, bought from a wheel and tyre specialist, after taking their advice on the fitment. Thank you for your input, but I will defer to the opinion of people whose job it is to know what is allowable and what is not.


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Very impressed by what you have achieved, may we see more pics of the Bongo to Vivaro roof merge please as this is something I have wondered about.

Take no notice of the “Wheel know it alls” I am sure you have made all the right checks. A wheel is a wheel, if it fits correctly and meets the right specs, it should be good and a wheel has no idea what it is fitted to car or van it is all about the running loads. Kinetic energy which rises as the square of the speed, twice as fast four times the energy.

I think somebody meant TUV not TAG for wheel approval :cool:


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Was a bit of a task, my employee and I were hard at it for a good 16 hours. rock solid now though, but a bit tainted by the fact the diesel pump let go last night, probably because it had been sitting unused for a couple of years and was full of mouldy gunge. The good thing is my friend owns a big scrappy, and it was him I bought the van from so I dont need to pay for parts, I just need to find the time to actually do it. its a bit frustrating because we just did the waterpump and timing belt and changed the fluids and filters about 1000 miles ago.
Hey ho, the Vivongo will live again soon, now all the welding is done I can fit the kitchen, wardrobes, rock and roll bed, table and eberspacher then vinyl wrap it blue chrome with a holographic metalflake.
I was contemplating giving up posting on here because of the whining and hypocrisy, but there are probably plenty of sound people on here too so I will keep trying.



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Don't give up on it yet buddy. Some of us are self builders too & wait to see your finished van with interest. Hoping to see it in the flesh maybe once it's finished & out there on the road.....😉👍

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