Remote Key!!!

Hopefully the members that i was messaging re remote keys will get here and see this! As some of you will know i wanted to get another remote key cut for our Fiat so off we trotted to Timpsons!! sorry sir can't do it you'll have to go to Fiat so off to fiat it was:) yes sir we can do that we need the vehicle for two days and that will be £360+vato_O... so being a stubborn old bugger searched the www and found a local vehicle locksmith that said yes he could do it would take an hour!!

So booked said locksmith an hour passed and hey presto have a new fiat remote key whether we ever use it will remain to be seen!! the cost £170 cash;) the company however he only operates within his local area though on his website he has this link to other recommended locksmiths in other areas.
Hope this helps somebody
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its nice when your searching pays off...
I would be looking a car on the end of it for that money,so much for modern clap trap.:mad:


I found a mobile firm in Exeter who came out, cut and programmed a new key for just over £100; he also gave us a code for the key which he said would make it easier/cheaper if we wanted another one.

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