Let the Fun Begin...


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I've got my base vehicle now, a 2013 Citroen Relay L3H2.


It needs a bit of tarting up here and there but it drives like a dream. Power steering is even lighter than my Volvo XC90 and cheese and chalk compared to the Hymer with no power steering. And... It goes up hills without having to change down to 2nd gear (worst case even 1st).

All I need now is this awful weather to change a bit as I have to work outside, unfortunately.


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Good luck Phill

I can’t wait to get started. it was windy and wet today, tomorrow it’s set to be windy and wet, Friday, it’s set to be windy and wet, and so on, and so on...

I’m afraid that’s the price of living in Orkney!

That said, there are many compensations, and watching the news on events in Australia, the Philippines etc. In the scheme of things a bit of a delay in progressing my camper conversion is not so bad.