Evening folks.


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My avatar is squiffy, I've been quiet for a few months but am now back on course, and glad to see many of my old compatriots and new friends. Phil

Hi all getting on now and filling the ranks,tell others about us here.


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Looks like this forum will become the go to site for motor home builders....

Hello Phil, I hope your quiet spell has left you feeling strong and well armed with ever more interesting and cracking comments and advice for all of us self builders out there?
Honestly, it is so very good to see you around.
Phil (of which there are one hell of a lot of Phil's on here)
Evening all,just doing the last xmas bits and bobs,truth is i cannot wait to its over and things return to normal,only for my kids i could do without the nonsense running round shops to your head bursts.

For us it will be just the 2 of us together sharing our time with our faithful four legged friends including our recently rescued 7 year old Bonnie who, up until 6 months ago had been locked up in a travellers camp as a cruelly abused and maltreated breeding-female dog, she will continue to be on special and frighteningly expensive medication for the next 10 months when we hope she will be released from all the pain she is currently in.

ps. Why oh why does the automated word correction not allow the name of a generis word for a female dog not to be abused?


Im always building things,it started very young and i blame airfix.
I have got to stop this building bug of mine, it has to stop as my bones simply won't take any more of it.

By way of explanation, since moving back from France in 2014 we have moved home 3 times and of this moves we have had to tally rip out and semi rebuild 2 of them, added to which I also spent 5 fantastic and totally captivating months building my beloved 'Millie'...................
And guess what, only last week we put this gorgeous cottage of ours onto the market as, although we love what we have created, the garden isn't us and we haven't lived close to any neighbours for the last 30 years and doing so now doesn't tick any of our boxes!!

Mad, we most certainly are!!!


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