Could be interesting for those worried about diesel heater noise.


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With the Chinese Heaters you invariably get a fuel tank of around 10-15 Litres, but I have never seen one with a supplied stand pipe (the stand pipe kits are not expensive - even the Eberspacher ones are fairly reasonable).

He should have bought it from here:


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The kits I've seen I thought came with stand pipes?
I don't think ( but that's a different thing all together). I've not had a very productive weekend. Pear shaped is the politest way of expressing it.
The standpipe in the kit you posted is far to big for the Ducato fuel tank sender unit. There's a much tidier one available. I've got one. It may even be fitted to the van. One day ..........:confused:


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Re: Truma heating. All my knowledge is second hand as my van is diesel and caravans I had were fitted with carver fires. The wet system Charlie had in the Hymer worked very well on gas, it was just how long gas lasted. They are full time and Karen would set it at 26 degrees though so probably a lot different to most users. The different trauma system in the caravan they have now works very well on gas, not sure if he said was as good on ehu or not.
I had four weeks recently where I left my eberspacher running constantly set at 20 during the day and turned down to 12 when I was in bed and it used much more fuel than I normally get through. It was a cold snap though, included the time we got new record lows in Scotland.
Conclusion for me is if you want it warm and use it a lot you are going to burn the fuel. Bottles may need refilling every few days but diesel tank is still measured in weeks 👍

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