3 D Printing Available - Small Components


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Middle Son has invested in a 3-D printer and can print small things, fan covers, boxes for components and so on. Some print examples below:

CATPhone Holder

Below is a Mercedes Badge that he printed for the Steering Wheel in the Van, where one was missing

If you want anything doing then get in touch with him lachlann at lachlann.com or contact me



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His 3-D printing is a lot better than my efforts I have to say :D
Think it depends a lot on the Printer you have and also the way it is set up, he could probably help if you need some help. He said he joined a Facebook group that gave him advice on bed-levelling and some other factors to help sort out why some his prints were not working properly.


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Here's the latest creation
It's a bracket to hold 3 12V Components which are being mounted at the rear of the Van for access through rear doors
12V Socket for Air Pump and other Kit
USB Fast Charge with Voltmeter for any kit that could be charged in the back this way whilst travelling
Switch to turn it on / off


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That is really well done. considering your son is fairly new to 3D printing, he really has the knack for it (y)

I may well have a little project for him on a item I currently have to buy and adapt for a specific kit ;)
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I may well have a little project for him on a item I currently have to buy and adapt for a specific kit
Sure, he will be able to do most things and has skills about how best to print the item for the greatest strength. Print bed is not huge though so depends on size of what you want printing but best bet is contact him direct at lachlann at lachlann dot com when you are ready. At present only have blue and green printing filament.


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small parts - could probably print 10 at a time if he wanted (but have to be cosmetically good!)
Best bet is just drop him an email with what you want doing and he could maybe print a couple of test ones and I could post them off to you to see if suitable


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Son wanted to know if your home is on the image on the Contact Form on your website, moi aussi - Looks amazing :)


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I put this on MH a while ago, but thought it worth a mention here as another demonstration of a practical use.

It's been a year since we've been using a temporary bit of wood to lock the door from inside so I thought I'd better do something about it. Fitting the lock into the frame I had to cut some space to turn it.


So left with ugly cuts and exposed cables I drew and 3d printed this:


To fit the hole like this:



Looks neater :)

Also, we can now lock and unlock inside and outside independently which is useful when she takes boy to bed and I'm still sat around the fire drinking lol.

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