What jobs did you do on your van today?


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Not much today as at work, but took delivery of new 160AH Leisure Battery !!
Service early next week pre MOT

Picked up my 175 litre fresh water tank, now got to decide where to put it.

If I were you @RAW I would take very close notice of Geoff's advice as he is a glassfibre wizzard, or in other words what he doesn't know about glassfibre generally speaking isn't worth knowing about!



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Thanks for the praise Phil, but I must say that whilst I do take a lot of notice and have learned a lot about FG work over the years, it is my very good friend David who is the FG guru and should be as he has had his FG factory for over 40 years. Geoff.


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Took photos of the conversion to send to DVLA ... Took some extras to show the usb chargers and nets, the chopping block Dave adapted to hold the hob burners in place. Routed grooves in the underside so that the burners sink into the block and don't rattle or move when travelling. Doubles as a chopping block over the sink also. Still having an additional small rooflight over the bed. P_20190703_160756_1_p.jpg P_20190703_161541_1_p.jpg P_20190703_160628_1_p.jpg P_20190703_161823_1_p.jpg P_20190703_161456_1_p.jpg P_20190703_162206_1_p.jpg


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Passed MOT :giggle: Worse than going to the dentist :rolleyes:
Sylvia is at Garage, a kind of pre MOT check up though as MOT is on 9th August will get it done soon as going away then in the Van to Devon.
Need her back soon to get the Solar Install done now I have all the parts (i think) so that I can run more off of the Sun than using non-renewables like Gas for cooking. It's all a bit of a work towards my situation post 2021 when I will likely have to move out of where I am living.

Modified sink cupboard had 2 pull out draws now have 3 which are also deeper!! Or will have once the screwdriver is charged🤨

I had an interesting problem whilst over in Suffolk the other day.

We were over there for a few magical days and were on our way to see a friend who lives there but we were somewhat early so I parked up at the side of the road for about an hour, then when I came to restart the engine, steadfastly it refused to oblige!

So ensued a few minutes of mind searching and I came to the only possible conclusion that no fuel was getting to the injectors, so I opened the bonnet and grabbed hold of the conveniently located fuel bulb/pump (so nicely placed on the Renault Master right behind the fuel filter) and pumped away only to see quite literally masses of large air bubbles in the translucent pipes.
Immediately after I had done this the engine started instantly and has continued to perform perfectly ever since!

I last changed the fuel filter 4 years and approx. 20,000 miles ago and, up until the othr day I had never had any problems, nor had I ever seen many, if any air bubbles in the pipes. But now I am at home once again I will change the filter as well as double checking all the pipe unions.

Absolutely nothing!! apart from sitting in it planning our next few trips listening to Radio 2 and Scala. With twinning tea ☕️ black and sweet😘. O forget to mention all this while sat on the drive 🤨

I should have done this job a long time ago as the lack of a decent built in washing line has been causing us problems since day one of our adventures in 'Millie'.

So yesterday, with both back doors open I attached a short piece of 25 x 50 lath towards the top of both doors, I then screwed in 2 hooks into each length of wood and then measured a length of plastic coated stainless steel strengthened washing line with loops tied into both ends.
Now when I need to air the bath towels, all I need to do when parked up on site, is to open both back doors, rig up the line and hey presto.

Fitted a new exhaust yesterday :) Bought some flexible pipe rather than ready-made rear pipe as the ready-made pipe would have been £75 for under a metre of 60mm mild steel with a single bend and that was just too much money to pay (as plain straight mild steel pipe is around £12 a metre)
Not the easiest of things to do when vehicle is not lifted up and no pit as the centre silencer is quite hefty but if it lasts 16 years like the old one I'll be happy :) Removing the remains of the old pipework just needed a dremel to split the old clamp and a screwdiver and hammer to tap it off.

Centre Section

Centre Box
by David, on Flickr

Rear Section

Flexible Rear Pipe
by David, on Flickr

Going to get a quote on how much this work would have been at a KwikFit out of curiosity.


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Been cracking on with Solar Install at weekend - Will do a post about it with images when most of the major work is done and then write a separate post

Fitted an indicator to our new build "Betty" Slow going undoing the low quality work done by previous mechanics. Hoping to get stuck in to the proper conversion soon.


Flow coat is what you use with a waxing agent in it,if you dont use it will stay sticky.
If you wish to paint then a two pack acid etch primer is required,it has a slight yellow tinge to it and smells like cat piss,mixed 1 part base 1 hardener to 1 cel thinner low grade,spray on very very light .
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