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Always looking at new options and I fancy the idea of doing a NON-Panel Van, but also not as big as a library bus.
The straight sides would make life a lot simpler I am thinking.

Always had a bit of a soft spot for the Master and this looks quite a tidy base ...
2008 Master with just 31,000 Miles for £7,500


Straight sides, so much easier :) looks a fair overhang, have you seen the van?


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Straight sides, so much easier :) looks a fair overhang, have you seen the van?
Nah. Just window shopping.
I am in limbo right now as looking to move this year and have no idea what kind of space I will have to work on a conversion, so just musing.

It looks quite short in a way but not really. The area behind the cab is described as 14' long, 6'6" wide and 7' tall, so pretty big in fact.
I forgot to put the eBay link up but be easy to find.
Browing around again .... I think a Luton will be my next project :) Those nice square flat sides will be perfect for a conversion, together with the high roof means space galore compared to a panel van.
I really liked the idea of a luton with a tail lift that could double up as a patio space, but decided now that would not be a good use of weight if going for a van under 3.5t (which I think would be best to widen the market for both initial selection and resale), so now the Lowloader Luton is the favourite (so the rear-wheel base vehicle is not an option for a lowloader).

This fella looks pretty.

The Sevel vans are already the widest, and this luton body is a few cm wider and looks nicely integrated.
I don't think it would be that hard at all be make it look like a motorhome exterior with swoops and decals if that is what you wanted to do.

I use my underbed garage in my LT a lot and want some kind of garage area in a new conversion. The way the lowloaders are setup made me think could keep the original roller door and have a tall, but not too deep garage, super-accessible from the rear for all the bits and pieces you need and an internal partition

This is the interior space - I think it should be fairly simple to cut through the bulkhead to either make an access, or even bring the cab area into the rear box. Depends on the build layout really.

I noticed when looking at various van builds at Camp Quirky that putting storage across the cab seats is very common. I can see the benefit in having extra storage and counter space but closing off that extra space and losing it when camped is a definate downside.