Tidy Vans with lots of stuff already done ....


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Having a browse of the "Forces Van" website. They sell ex-Police and Ambulances. Haven't done a price comparisons, but they look from the photos the cleanest used vans I have ever seen! Worth a browse.

This looks like a good van for the money.
You could whip out the seats, convert the rear cage into a nice shower room and complete the conversion in a week with what is already there :)

Or how about a 2.9L V6 Petrol Transit?
I bet that shifts :)

Check out how clean this MB Vario is for £6k inc the VAT

I think of the vans they have, that first Transit is quite appealing at the price with the kit it already has.

The only problem with those vans is of course that they are RUST BUCKET Transits that personally I would avoid at all costs!!
You say that about every van except the Master.
Not quite correct there as I have always held up the banner of sensibility whenever writing about any van that has a fully galvanised body, an in a similar vein I have alays complimented the Merc. Sprinter, Iveco Daily and indeed the RWD Transits when discussing their mechanical strengths.

Forgive me, but I for one can't even begin to understand why so many people spend so much time and money converting any vehicle that is likely to dissolve into a pile of orange dust, after all you can easilly change an engine or gearbox but to have to change or repair a complete body is an all together different situation.


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