Testing Miasol solar panels

Not really testing, but the suppler recommends testing them before sticking them down. Kind of makes sense. I have a bad habit of buying things in advance and then forgetting I have them. Can be a nice surprize. I have wondered why I've purchased a second one, or it does not work. The warranty having expired 2 years ago. So out with the panels yesterday as it wasn't too windy. They are very odd in appearance though appear to be well made. I did not leave them on the roof waiting for low light conditions as I thought that would be tempting fate. Claimed to be rated at 120 watts per panel I managed to extract 100 watts per panel in my crude testing. I should just about be able to fit four of these on "Betty's" roof. The nature of the roof is partly why these were purchased. As with most coaches/busses I've play with the roof is not much more than a glass fibre bag over a steel frame. Generally they rely on not too many attachments to avoid leaking. The flexible panels should conform and move with the roof. So far I'm happy that they work.

They look incredibly long!?
Yes the size and shape can be off putting. Time will tell if I've been stupid again.
If I knew how much better my existing panels would work with the Victron MPPT I might not have purchased them.
"Betty" is just long enough to take four of them.

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