Spare wheel?

I think the real answer for those that travel to distant and wild places is that not carrying a spare is verging on the insane ๐Ÿ˜„. Phil

Or blatantly stupid.

I totally agree Phil & Trev, surely you have to have a screw loose not to carry a spare wheel because even if you can't change it, someone else is likely to be able to do so rather than waiting forever and a day for a specialist breakdown service to arrive with a matching tyre.

Some of the places i have been the services could never find me to change a wheel,i can do in ten mins easy and be on my way
Morning Trev
You should get your good lady to change your tyre as you said she can do it in 2 minutes :)

Me too Darren, when you are in the wilds of Scotland with no mobile signal and you have just hit a rock with one of your front wheels and knackered the tyre, the last thing you want to do is sit around twiddling your thumbs wondering what the hell can you do!
Just happened to a friend in Scotland. Hit pothole and ended up with a tyre which was a total write off and on checking the spare found it was useless. Fortunately she was close to the ferry terminal and manged to hobble onto the last ferry from the island she was visiting and got to the mainland and was then able to get a local breakdown company to transport her to a tyre depot to fit new tyre,. So always worth carrying a spare. Note: the reason her spare was useless was because during some previous service her good spare wheel had been swapped for the useless one but because it was covered up in boot well she had not realised this.
Morning Trev
You should get your good lady to change your tyre as you said she can do it in 2 minutes :)
On the car yes but he he think these babys are a bit much but i will put it to her,bet she will be well pleased im thinking.


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yes always carried a spare dont like them repair kit in the boot thing but got one on my motorcycle my first puncture i had was with my Ford Anglia it was dark the jack kept going up but the car did not move so left it till morning next day all i could see was chicken wire an some old newspaper


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I think that it depends on several fcators as to what you prepare for , travelling out in the outback , I carried two spare wheels on my Landrover , and a tubeless tyre plug kit . In my RV due to size and being tubeless I just carry a new tyre casing , as have tools , and easy job to change tyre on tubeless truck rim . Plus the cost of a "emergency" supply tyre would be astronomic :( . The goop stuff is in majority of cases a waste of time , or unusable(tyre u/s) Better with a tubeless plug kit , and 12v compressor . So in the end it comes down to personal degree of risk , and inconvenience you are willing to put up with if the situation arises . I dont think there is any dumb or wrong choice , unless you go to the outback with 4 bald tyres and no spare , or water :eek::ROFLMAO:

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