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I had GEOFF on the phone to me last night, yes GEOFF who was on both SBMCC and DIY.

He told me that he has registered on here but for some unknown reason he doesn't appear to be able to get onto the site, possibly @Admin can look into the matter for him?

Phil, can you find out what username he registered with please?

edit - I've found it and trying to sort it with Phil admin. (y)
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Trouble is, although Geoff phoned me I don't have the foggiest idea what his number is otherwise I would phone him.
Phil as Phil admin has activated Geoff’s email hopefully he should see it!! Geoff’s number wouldn’t be in your call log🤔 I’ll go now☺
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Did wonder what had happened to Geoff, glad he's found his way home.😁Phil
I did try (about fifty times!!!) to activate, but think that the email address on my computor for this site was corrupted and I could not correct it. Admin have now sorted it out - thank you - so I will start to post more often, but am very but am very busy at present. Toooooo many projects, not enough time. Geoff.

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