New Old Van is having a run out


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So she is just purchased, and now have driven her about 75 Miles so far -
Had to call RAC out sadly after around 20 Miles as she was not pulling well and jumping, like with fuel supply problems.
On the Plus Point RAC man said engine sounded mint. There was a lack of water in Coolant for Radiator. He took fuel pump apart, said it was new; took carb to bits and said it was clean though something was a bit blocked. Anyway she seems to be OK now driving but as you can imagine first run out was slightly stressful
Now parked up for night
Got Fridge working on Gas, Cooker works though not tested fire or water heaters yet.
Here are some photos

20190408_171356.jpg 20190408_171411.jpg 20190408_171430.jpg 20190408_171440.jpg

Next steps, look for some different lighting as I think the lights that are in her may be a drain on the battery.
Currently it appears water tank is empty as I don't think last owner filled it, although i asked her too
Also look for a name. Mildrid, springs to mind !

In terms of space and comfort she is nice though the sit-up type driving position I am finding a bit awkward, however maybe another cushion or moving seat back will sort it?

Comments, name ideas and anything else welcomed.

Lots of surface mount led lights on ebay or in fact any light which will take a standard car single element bulb can be fitted with a led one from ebay both soft or pure white,soft is my option.



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van looks very decent :) hopefully just a glitch with the carb and will be a great little runner.


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Thanks @wildebus
TAD OLD as 1987 - Few bits of rust and patches to door will need sorting
I am looking at Dash to fit the Parts you sent me and only place is where the non-effective car stereo is.
Don't really need a car stereo any more with Bluetooth speakers and the like
Sadly will be a pain to fit as the Dash is all old but can sort it with some fettling, will send some pics tomorrow as curtains drawn presently to keep the heat in!!


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seen a hell of a lot worse at a younger age!
if you can't get to the rust for a while, I would suggest buying a bottle of "Krust" (by Hammerite). It does a good job of stabilizing rusty areas and buys you time to sort it at very little cost.
Ref the carb thing ... I wonder if it would be woth running a fuel flush product, from someone like BG Products (I've used BG244 for Diesels but there is similar one for Petrol). Or do a couple of fillups with premium grade fuels as they are contain cleaning additives I think?


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That does look a nice clean van for the year. Probably not the best vehicle for pheasant hunting!!! Sorry to read about your slight mishap, but there should be enough used spares about - those vans were made for quite a long time. I am not sure, but I think the Ducato was basically the same van. Good luck with your parts search. Geoff.


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That does look a nice clean van for the year. Probably not the best vehicle for pheasant hunting!!! Sorry to read about your slight mishap
Thanks Geoff, I am a vegetarian ! Sad about the Pheasant though and slightly dismayed about the indicator and other troubles on the 1st Voyage. Thanks for the Van compliment, she is in good nick really for the year. A few complaints but hopefully can sort them myself at low cost. If I like driving her, that requires more investigation on my part as not sure on fuel efficiency yet and gearbox is a bit awkward with long reach lever, plus no power steering and a cruising speed of 45/50 makes her feel quite a challenge to drive, especially at slow speed. Anyway, Van is laid up now as indicator light too damaged.


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Ref the gear change, I know on the VW T4s it was possible to do a "short shift" mod by a very simple drilling of a hole on plate and moving the pin to the new hole (all outside of the gearbox).
Maybe there is a similar easy mod on your van?
One other thing ... my T4 was quite revvy at cruising speed. I replaced the tyres with oversized ones so the rolling circumference was around 7% greater - made quite a difference to the engine revs when sitting at around 65MPH.

Oh, I'd never noticed it before but in a village aaround 10 miles from me (so actually the 2nd "settlement" way) there is a Talbot Camper that looks just like yours (before the pheasant incident) and actually looks very tidy from what I could see.
Passed it in the morning last Thursday on my way to Edinburgh and again in the Evening on my way back home.


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So the front lights are fixed after considerable faffing, oxidisation on contacts within 2nd hand indicator replacements not helping!
However, as a friend said there is considerable flexing and movement in the whole front end so considering screwing the lugs on the lower parts, some of which are missing, back to the body panel, maybe with some rubber in between. What are your thoughts on that everyone ? The Lugs are shown in the 2nd image ?



I've found old type 'half inch' tap washers stop vibration noise and they have a ready made hole in the middle ;) The downside is you might break off more lugs.


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Thanks @Edina - Will look for some, was thinking of using some bicycle inner tube rubber, I know there is a possibility of breaking more lugs, was going to pre drill them

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