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so the oil in my motorcycle should be changed every 6000 miles or yearly so if you started with a new can of oil when you do an oil an filter change and after the year is the oil still left in the can could it be used or does it break down in the can same as that what has been going around the engine been told should be yearly for my car as well what do you think
As long as you have kept the lid tightly closed on the oil can or bottle then the remaining oil should be OK to use.

I know I find this kind of thing to be a right old PITA, when, like in the case of for instance my Renault Master, the sump capacity is greater than the largest standard sized container of oil, so you have to buy 2 and then when you come to do the service the following year (no matter how low my mileage is I always change the engine oil & filter annually) I then have to go out and buy another container of oil. The problem is that quite often that brand of oil isn't available any longer and I don't like mixing brands of oils!!


No bother mixing oils and i use asda which is just top makes rebadged,i change every year or 5000 miles and filter.
Oil only goes of in the engine because of by producks from heat and blow by like acid carbon and wast fuel never mind water.
Oil in cans is ok for years but keep out of sun light.


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well did oil an filter on bike and it says on oil can use up to 5 years from date on can i know they are not cans but 4 lts plastic containers


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Oil if kept in a tightly sealed container, in a dark place can last 10 years or more.

I run all my engines no matter what type on Comma 5/50 competition oil (motor sports).
My Toyota Avensis 2.0ltr D4D ran on this from 7,000 mls till I scrapped it with 208,000 mls on it, the engine still sounded like new.
I had to scrap it because the subframe cracked & made the car handle in a very interesting manner all the way to the scrappers:eek:.
Yet I was told by everyone & they're mate that this oil is only meant for racing & is changed after every race, so will break down very quickly.
I changed it every 10,000 mls or less & I never do oil changes based on manufacturers specs, they are far to long between changes!!!

Sorry for the long winded post:)


I used asda 10/40 semi sin and changed every 5000 miles,my soda did 314 th miles and sounded sweet,hardley run in.


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