Mid build and credit card slam dunking it.


So Im building out my Merc 811D and credit card is burning, I need batteries and got a discount from Alpha but need also starter battery as well due to the old ones burning out so its around 600 quid… ouch.

Is there anywhere cheaper for batteries, trade, save some cash. Was going to just get one started battery which is about 85 quid, but you have to buy in pairs otherwise reverts to the poor battery life only Ive been told.


Wood burner - seen some at machine mart I like, same question. Better places to buy, get made etc.


Windows - I'm going to a place on Wednesday that makes Static caravan windows so only 45mm profile not 70mm, anyone else got house UPVC windows fitted or similar?

I've looked at eBay, but my holes are 1000 x 550 (3) and trying to find ones that will sit in the hole but also then have the lip so can seal them to outside of the van is proving interesting.

Solar - Kit from Bimble is around 350 delivered but uncertain as says from stock but can take up to two weeks. Anywhere else that delivers quicker, is it simple just to buy a kit or separates ?


Sorry lots of questions but got two more weeks of build and the couple doing it will need everything and I want to get it ordered and onsite.

Yes way over budget :) Took two weeks of more rust proofing, welding and sanding her down for a respray.

Going for camel sand in raptor paint, hopefully, look awesome otherwise its a lot of money down the drain if anyone else has done it then be good to hear how it went.


Re the solar, I have used the bimble kits and found them to be good. Also had good deals from Alpha for solar panels and batteries.
Sounds as though you are in for a busy 2 weeks, good luck with it(y)


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RE Stoves. I have a friend who can make them from Scratch if you have welding gear and buy the materials. He lives in the Same town as me.
I would be carful about wood burning stoves as the gov is on the verge of banning them,many retail outlets here are lowering prices to get them of the shelves,this of course may be a few years away and i have no idea how there going to police it,bit like halogen light bulbs which were banned three mths back for retail sale but some shops still have them on shelves,maybe there will be light bulb and wood burning police coming round to get us.


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Batteries...... I’ll get shot down in flames. I’m sure for saying this BUT...

Batteries lead acid anyway, there’s no difference in a starting battery and a leisure battery apart from the sticker on the case!
We bought 4 of the same batteries from eBay I put two on as starter batteries and the other two as leisure batteries.
Been on our vario now for 2 years come June and we’ve never had a problem with either set of the same battery.
We paid £89.00 each battery free p&p.

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