This is a screen shot of a little project of mine. Its one of three, its a great way of saving material and time.



With the ridiculous cost of some sheet materials, tools like this can save a lot of money.
Not only a saving on waste, but also the need to buy that extra sheet 'just in case'.


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Another vote for Maxcut. The cutting plans have been my bible for the last 9 months!


The link is now in Resources, so it is easy to find.


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To go along with this, a way to cut straight lines is handy.

Branded ready-made saw guides can be very expensive, but it is very easy to make you own (I made a few to use depending on if the cut is very long, 'typical'', or just short lengths) and are much quicker and more accurate then using a straight edge to push against. I use mine all the time :)

Check out the following video with a very good 'how-to' to make your own

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