Heatwave on the continent


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We have travelled up from Switzerland over the last week through France, it started in Switzerland as generally cloudy but warm 23-25C over the mountains the sun began to shine at a pleasant 26-27C in the shade of forrest trees whilst stopped for lunch. Then bang over the last few days the tempretures have soared, we are presently in Honfluer as some of you will know the Aire there is large Honfluer town is a great place to visit, we always make a point of coming here when in France. But the heat is stifling with all the rooflights and windows open door slid back with the Truma combi 4 vent fans at 10 its still 36C inside and 38C under the awning 🥵.Phil

Don't know where the French weather forecast get their temperatures from but they've got today's temp wrong


Some friends of ours are further south and they have temps touching 40 degrees.. phew

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And here we are bloody well shivvvvvvvering!

I have just received an email from one of our friends in Suffolk and their temp. at 09.00 hrs this morning was only 10C and ours here in South Lincs. when I drove down the road to the doctors at 09.20 was only 11.5C.

As for the temperatures in France, when we lived there near to Montignac in the Dordogne we regularly had temps in the mid to high 30's each year, but because of the dryness of the heat we found that we could still do hard physical work.


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