Ducato 2.3 multijet cam belt change


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As my van is approaching 4.5 years old even though it's only done 29 thousand I decided to change the cam belt. I retired from the motor trade back in 2000 so I had never changed this particular type of cam belt, the Fiat time for this is 4hrs. I have to say that a fair amount of trepidation was experienced at the start, but in the end it turned out to be one of the easiest belts that I have changed other than the old Ford 1600 and 2000 Cortina's 😄. It did take me 6hrs but that included a trip to the motor factors and with me not being as agile as used to be plus not having done this type of work on a regular bases it didn't surprise me.
I found the most difficult part was the o/s engine mount removal, mainly because they had used copious amounts of thread lock on the three retaining nuts on the inner wing mount 😡. However I would recommend anyone with fairly competent diy skills to do the job as it can save you £200 to £250, the belt kit cost me £128 at my local factors (Trade), the local garages here are quoting £300 - £350 for this job. A plus to buying the belt kit is that fitting instructions come with it 😉. It is recommended that the water pump is changed at the same time but as it had done only 29 thou, I decided against changing it ( Cam belt and water pump kit at my factors was £225 (Trade) ). I took the front casing off and removed the old cam belt so I could confirm that the pump was not leaking or bearings playing before I purchased just the belt kit. Phil

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