Drop Down Double Bed

We are seriously think of converting a panel van but it would have to have 2 X double beds.

I`m thinking one transverse at the rear with storage and or water tank and or gas locker etc. underneath it and a drop down one over the lounge at the front.

Is there a reliable mechanism out there to achieve this ?

One concern i have is that when the lounge drop down bed is lowered will it stop us being able to exit it safely if needed ?

Weight would not be a problem because i`d be looking at a 4,500kg or 5,000kg vehicle.


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How about fixed double at rear , and couchette style bunk along one side ?
I don't believe that such a layout would be possible in the normal Sevel/Master/Sprinter etc. type vans but it might just be so in XLWB IVECO vans and of course it would be very possible in the truly excellent Mercedes Vario's and then of course there are also all the library and bus options to be considered as well.

It also depends on whether or not you will be fitting a full loo/shower unit because that always gobbles up a certain amount of space.

If one of the beds was engineered as a drop down from the roof type then that will free up a large amount of space during daylight hours.

As for entry and exit, then you can alays fit a special side door like Darren of @Darcar fame as shown in his excellent album https://motorhomebuilder.com/media/albums/mercedes-814d-vario-van-conversion.3/

But, in my mind it does beggar the question, why does there have to be a 2nd double bed, surely wouldn't 2 x decent sized single beds be a better and easier to fit option?



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Just to give a different idea - What about adding a roof tent?

We are going this route on our next build (very soon). For us, the idea started as a way of angling our solar panels, but having an extra room is going to be so nice. Ours will be 3m x 1.5m, angle up to the side and be accessed/opened/closed without leaving our van.

Just an idea anyway :)

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