Composting Toilet


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Good work Debs.... what "soak" material are you using is that sawdust? Have you tried anything else?
Compressed sawdust from supermarkets, cheap and available and it works.
This is probably one of THE most helpful sites for composting loo info out there...

I'd come to the conclusion that our next build would have a compost loo instead of a vile cassette unit...

However change of direction at the hand of fate has seen us with a motorhome rather than self build...

I did consider converting the cassette loo to compost BUT the available space doesn't make it practical as the waste container and architecture of the cassette unit is really too small.


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After a number of uses so far so good.
Anyone have any idea where to keep a lightly used composting toilet?
Mine is about 19" deep so after a few weekends only the bottom few inches is covered.
Are you leaving your toilet in your van all the time or taking it out. I'm not sure whats the best place/temperature to store between trips.


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Just come back to site after a break! We have a composting loo box onboard. It was built using a seperator and we use a bag to collect solids and cover material. Currently using wood cat litter (1.50 for five litres) we store the litter in a cereal container in the garage and just have a freezer bag of litter with the loo, as we add water to it to make it fluff up and become more absorbent. Works really well. We put the compost onto a separate compost heap at home which stay for at least two years before being used for trees /general use. We have a fulltime composting system at our barn in Portugal for twelve years and use sawdust there as we produce loads with the wood burner fuel. The van is used occasionally and we haven't even used half of our cover material after six months. The urine bottle is emptied daily if used and we leave it with a glug of bio washing liquid in the bottom. The box never smells and is so much nicer to deal with than a cassette!


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Have you tried using the cat litter neat (dry) I'm certainly not an expert but I thought that because poo is 80% water the material you sprinkle over it had to be dry to absorb the evaporated moisture.