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Adding a Resource

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How to add a Resource

The Resource feature is like a library of information, documents etc. It is not the place for discussions.

To make the resources readable by most people, they are best uploaded as a PDF. Most progs like ‘Word’ have a ‘save as PDF’ option. If you are unable to convert your file to a PDF, send it to me and I’ll convert it for you.

To Upload

Click on ‘Resources’ then ‘Your resources’ where you will get the option to ‘Add resource’. Select the category for your resource (if there isn’t one, let me know and I’ll make one).

Fill in the Title field and put a brief description in the Tag Field.

Under the 'Type' heading use ‘Attach files’ to upload your PDF and then in the Description box put a description of the resource.

When you are happy with it – press ‘Save’

If you have any problems, please contact me.

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