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I am sorry if it seems like I am not putting any effort of this community. I have compiled my big list of things to do and I will be starting to getting all done soon.

Are there any features or forums that you would like added to this community?
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Not had a really good look yet, too busy sorting the house out for the move, but I suppose the obvious like all the different trades, sparks, 12 & 230v water and gas, Solar might be better separate, same with inverters and batteries, all specialist subjects in their own right.

Supplying companies, some you will have already tied in for discounts etc
We did when on the dark side, have a pub called the builders arms where anything went, (cept it didn't) something like the subscribers lounge where only the obvious could see what went on.
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Is there a showcase section? where you can up load a series of pics of your build?
I think that pictures, make it much easier to see how something has been done. it also gives some encouragement & ideas.
I'm hoping Phil will add the same 'Media' options that has, then we can upload pics to our own albums and link to them in our posts.