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A bit like earlier Renault Megan's that had spot lights set into their front air dam, it took 7 hoursw labour to change a bulb!! There are so many cars which have to have their engines removed to change the cam belts or chains and quite afe few LR's that have to have their bodies removed to gain access to their engines.............. It is all bloody bonkers these days!!!
Ditto for our 2000 Citroen Picasso, iirc the entire front bumper had to be removed to change the fog light bulb.
Dealer charge including labour must have been excruciating for those mug enough to pay it.

It didn’t take owners long to realise it was quicker to remove the wheel arch liner and once a few dealers were caught using that method whilst charging the customer for the full bumper off exercise Citroen, due to bad press, reduced the workshop time down considerably.

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Dealer charge including labour must have been excruciating for those mug enough to pay it.

It is just the same with cam belt or chain changes, all the garages do is look up what the factory quotes as the hours to do the work and then they charge just the same even if they are doing the damned job in a fraction of the time!!


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Pushrod engines were miles better, no requirement for over head cams and belts unless you plan to race, and that includes front wheel drive cr-p, inline engine is best.

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Accountant's build vehicles and computers to tell them how today. No mechanic's involved. Just fitters and Job title's.
Don't get me started on ( JIT ) just in time, parts and delivery
Henry Ford started it, befor you all was born !


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It’s always a difficult decision…
if your lucky you will find the right vehicle. NFL crypto betting Unless you are definitely looking at a certain manufacturer then don’t limit yourself.
i wouldn’t convert anything that’s NOT euro6 theses day. https://www.viberate.com/music-analytics/ I believe that it’s going to be the most important or restricting part of van travel soon.
good luck with your search.
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