When a MOT advisory a pain in the Butttttttttttttttttttt

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The annual service and MOT were carried out on our daily driver car on Monday.

I had very thoroughly checked out the car before taking it, including stripping down and thoroughly cleaning all the brake calipers and fitting new "Green Stuff" pads (they are brilliant), having a new full set of tyres fitted indeed everything I could think of so as to ensure a clean bill of health................... But then on collection, there on the MOT sheet was an advisory notice for and about something I didn't have a clue about, it said:-

Windscreen damaged but not adversely affecting driver's view (3.2 (a) (i))

When I read this I was fuming as I honesty didn’t know there was even the slightest mark to the windscreen of this car, in fact on reading the advisory, it took me a very long time before I was able to see it and only then, by shining a high powered torch at an oblique angle, the reason being that this miniscule chip is less than 1 mm x 0.5 mm and with no discernable depth. Furthermore from a seated position in the drivers seat, even now that I know where the chip is, it is impossible to see !!

And yet, this vehicle for and which I take a personal pride in its safety and excellence of condition will now be blighted for the remainder of our ownership, as it has an MOT record with an advisory notice.

When I spoke to the receptionist/secretary at the garage about my concern for and about this matter she said words to the effect “oh that’s just him, he spends ages trying to find something to put down as an advisory”!

One thing is for sure now is that the garage have now lost a customer who used their services on 3 vehicles!



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I get the impression that some testers think they have to find something to prove their diligence.
It is very annoying when you know it isn't right!

I had the opposite situation a couple of years ago.... Garage kept the MOT totally clean as they knew I was about to sell (and was about to deal with something that was an advisory last time. Up here in the borders, brake disc corrosion is a 'standard' annual advisory due to the climate).

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Chips here are a fail if within wiper blade stroke drivers side.

I believe windscreen chips are only a failure item if they are 10mm or larger in diameter and within the drivers line of vision and that will be the same over in N.I.
The one in question in this post is so small in most lights it is impossible to see it which is why I am so annoyed about this matter, possibly @Squiffy as an ex garage owner might be able to shine some light onto this matter.


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