What are you doing to your van ready for the forthcoming season?


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Gonna have to get my head round that.......as its sealed the pressure wont change inside and suspect tank strength should mean pressure drop outside shouldn't be a problem. Definitely to mull it over though.

Sensors, hah, not a chance!!! Permanent marker is as techy as it will get
You say sealed... just a comment from my setup in the Campervan ... I have a pair of 25L containers which have the main filler neck into which I have a pipe sealed onto the cap and a small little red cap on the opposite side. I find I have to undo the little cap a bit to allow air to come in - replacing the water drawn. If I forget to open that, the increased pressure on warmer days does make the containers bulge a bit and when drawing water they collapse in and the water seems to slow. With a strong tank like yours that won't give, a sealed system would make the pump work harder and harder and soon could not pull water out? Surely you will need a vented tank to avoid that?


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Gravity only. Its gonna sit on a shelf and there is enough room under the tap for pans/bottles. Fortunately it's on top of the front axle which makes a nice change



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I think you will have to have some kind of vent, as if not at some stage there will be water in the tank but not getting to the tap... you will be surprised how quickly that happened! Can I suggest some kind of 'snorkel ' that is high enough for the water not to spill at reasonable slopes.


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My concern was 1. Condensation. 2. Warm water is not so nice to drink.
I've spent the afternoon considering your valid points;

I think that warm water is better for us (turnover/hygiene considered). Boiling water will use expensive and limited hob gas whereas cooling water in the warmer months can be done in a bottle in the condenser fridge which will be running on the PV supplied battery.

With regards to condensation we will do a winter and assess.

Thank you for your input
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You will definitely need to vent some way. Looking at the tank and the location though you may be able to just unscrew the top lid a little when you park up the tighten when you drive off. Don’t know if they make caps for those tanks that will allow air in when tightened.

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