What are peoples thoughts on this


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Hi; what are anyone’s thought on the below as a base vehicle to work from?
Is the price good do you think at £6000

Renault Master December 2009.

Medium Wheel Base. High Roof.

~111,700 miles, still in use

~Brand new MOT just done, until 31.03.2024! No advisories.

~Tax is £290 for 12 months

~Air Con

~Manual transmission - 6 gears

~2 Keys

~Part service history

~Roof rack

~Spare wheel

~Electric Tyre inflator

~Rear ladder

~Tow bar

~Wind breaker

~25L Alpicool Fridge / Freezer with touch screen controls

~Leisure battery with split charge system

~12v fuse box and board with 4 USB & 2 Cigarette lighter ports

~Fairy lights

~Fixed bed in the back with brand new custom made mattress 166cm x 115cm

~Driver seat fully swivels round

~Water tank - can be filled up whilst no sink

~Kayak Holders

~Brand new Streetwise 3000W inverter with 2 plugs

~Brand new 175W Monocrystalline Solar Panel on roof with tilted mount

~Brand new Thetford Porta Potty

~Clutch changed 2020

~Cambelt changed

~Side tinted opening window professionally installed

~Wind deflectors on both windows for air circulation

~Fire extinguisher

~Rear parking sensors - need to be wired in

~Extra storage above cab

~We have some 2x4 which you can also have with the van to continue the build inside.

~The stereo can be temperamental and has been like this since we bought the van. The previous owners had another stereo in but they took it out when we bought it.

Purchased last summer, converted by previous owners. Our intention was to remove all units and reconvert so it could be fully off grid. We started this process but due to a change in circumstances we are unable to continue. We need to get an automatic car due to me being unable to drive a manual now. It really is a great van, drives beautifully and has so much potential for someone who has the time, space and tools to finish the conversion. It is insulated really well by previous owners, so the hard part is done and now just needs all the cosmetic design parts doing! Drives perfectly, no warning lights, ready to go today!

Based in Southwater RH13 9 See less


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I thought it looked quite a good find; low milage, no advisories-yes I’d have to rebuild but that’s what current owners are in process of doing do all stuff there
Do you think it’s a no go then?
I’m new at this and don’t know much about it other than the research I’ve done this last month so all advice gratefully received : )

Pudsey Bear

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Too much IMHO and the work looks like Steve Wonder did it in the dark blindfolded so bit and pieces may be worth having but £4k would be max for me, but it need seeing and driving to give that much.

Hard to tell but the panels don't look very straight, and although some like Renaults, I'm not a fan of that model, I find the seats mega uncomfortable.


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I think other people's builds are probably hard to pick up and carry on with, so perhaps view it as a strip out and start again, re-using what's salvageable. Especially as people's opinions about what's safe electrically (no gas I see) vary widely.

Pudsey Bear

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It is best to start with a clean sheet then you know what you have to do and also know what has been done by whom and where it all is, having some kit to start with is a bonus but it has to be good stuff and of course working.

A plan of what you want in a van is essential too, not so much a build plan, but everything has dimensions and it has to fit in foe me anything small than and L4 H2 is too small and forces compromises on things like bed size, wardrobe and bathroom, get on ebay and find quality used stuff, ex display is good as you get a warranty at used prices, checkout caravan breakers too although they overvalue things IMO.

Above all ask questions both on here and anywhere you are buying things and if possible see them working.


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For £6k that doesn't sound to bad, you seem to be getting a fair assortment of useful bits included, that you could potentially reuse if the interior turns out to be so rough or crappy you decide to gut it and start again.

One advantage with a build in that sort of semi ripped apart state is you should be able to tell how comprehensively insulated it is.

Many self builders cut corners on proper comprehensive insulation, quality electrical fittings and worse of all gas installs/230v hookups that can be right bodge ups!

One thing I always advise buyers of self builds is to get the van weighed at a weighbridge before purchase.
Go to one that can do the overall weight and both axles individually, most motor caravans are heaviest over the rear axle and many many are overweight, some massively so (just think of all the Sprinters you see on their bump stops) over the rear axle even if the total vehicle weight does not exceed the plated weight you can still be fined for exceeding a plated axle weight.

Any decent seller should be willing to get the van weighed and then you can work out if the van has sufficient payload for passengers food water kids pets luggage toys bikes etc.


Millie Master

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I honestly do believe that despite all the new kit, the quality or rather very low quality of the build would be a very time consuming total rip out and start again job!!

As others have said, if only for the need of thorough and efficient thermal insulation, every single item has to be removed.

As a Master owner myself, personally I find the driver and passenger seats to be very comfortable, but there again I am very much of an average size and not at all overweight, so I can appreciate for others the seats might not be too comfortable.
Mechanically, just like all vans, if you treat them right, they will look after you but if you abuse them all hell and damnation can be the outcome! But this one is low mileage and looks as if it miight well have been an owner driver, going by the past MOT records.

Do I think it is worth the asking price of £6,000, I am sorry but I don't possibly more like £4,500


Pudsey Bear

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Still too much and this is of course without going to see what it's like close up.

the problem I had with my Masters what the part where the seat meets the back, it wasn't 90 there was a bit that stuck out on both vans and pressed on my lower spine making it numb after a few miles and also at one I looked at for conversion as they are quite a lot cheaper than Fiats etc, but had the same seat.

Red Dwarf

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Hmmmm..... take care not to put any value on the interior. What’s been done doesn’t brilliant, as others has said, you’ll want to rip it out anyway. No point not planning your own van, you will have negotiable and non negotiables. For me a fitted king size bed, solar and a compressor fridge were my non negotiable items.
Remember, the whole point of self build is being able to build whatever YOU want.....

Millie Master

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Still too much and this is of course without going to see what it's like close up.

the problem I had with my Masters what the part where the seat meets the back, it wasn't 90 there was a bit that stuck out on both vans and pressed on my lower spine making it numb after a few miles and also at one I looked at for conversion as they are quite a lot cheaper than Fiats etc, but had the same seat.
Very unfortunately I have a chronically injured spine with several cages, bolts and screws down its length and as I sit here right now I am awaiting an urgent surgical procedure to cage and bolt a broken vertebrae at the base of my spine.

As this is very much the case for my spine, a condition I have lived with for 52 years, I look upon the standard RenaultMaster drivers seat as being the most orthopedically correct and supportive seat for my condition!!

Pudsey Bear

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Might be a posture thing, but I sold the last van because of it, we're not all the same shape and size of course.

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