Water tanks


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I used 2x70litre Fiamma blue tanks on my build, but wouldn't use them again. Tanks to be fair are sound, nice fit for the build & seem strong. Problem was the fittings supplied by Fiamma are absolute shit. Couldn't tighten them up to seal without stripping the threads. Ended up replacing them all with brass fittings & better quality seals after a lot of grief...


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At the moment we carry 300 litres plus, I can't remember the exact amount. As the tank was extended it does have one baffle. I've never noticed the weight move when driving. It is quite a deep tank and I guess that helps. Betty's tank will have to be creative to clear various chassis brackets and associated junk.
You can see the bottom of one of the fuel tanks on the 608. 75 gallons each side.View attachment 1939
£740ish at the pump green shield stamp heaven.

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