V5 back, now a motor caravan


Had v5 back today after less than 2weeks and its no longer a 17 seater mini bus but a motor caravan. To say I'm happy is putting it mildly. It may not be perfect but I built it and it's mine. :dog:


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well done, to get it through the dvla these days is an achievement and building yourself is way better than buying your average ice cream cart.


great looking van ,a credit to you in my oppinion
one other benifit of changing the log book to motor caravan from minibus is if and when you come to sell it ,it will be worth more money


Phoned my insurers today to inform them conversion complete and got a nice refund as insurance cheaper as motor caravan.
Happy days.


Cracking job! Well worth the work, you should be very proud!


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Sorry I have started a new thread for this question.

I'm ready to send my pic's in to DVLA, I have seen somewhere a letter you can print or copy to accompany the log book & pictures.
If possible could some one put a link to the letter or an idea of what to write.
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