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The big doors are handy if moving goods for home or van,my electric door was shot to as the a-s h-le before me got at the relays and wiring,i removed all the motors and its so easy to open and close by hand,small trailer tail gate bolt is used to lock from inside,small thin doors are a pain in the butt.
I also fitted all lights with a over ride remote on key fob which i now have control of under step and step internal light for arriving back elephants drunk at night.
I agree with you about small caravan type doors. My doors just take up to much space with the swing hinge and I want to reduce the size of the step hole in the floor. A 30 inch wide door is what I want, easy enough to get stuff in and out and more floor area. I like your remote lights very handy, and your spare wheel carrier I will have to do something similar as no spare came with it.


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Yes spare wheel axal stand, bottle jack with a wheel chock,long wheel braker bar, not forgetting a led head torch and summut to kneel on along with floresent coat.
Ten mins to change a wheel or 3/4 hrs for AA to find you if lucky.


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I have not looked them up for a while but there was a crowd in South Wales selling insulation board I think it was Seconds and Co you might want to Google it. Hope this helps as they say.


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Hi and welcome. That’s a great vehicle you have loads of space! How many are you building for?

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