These windows might fool the DVLA

Millie Master

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I have just seen these amazing windows on a work group on facebook.

The van is owned by an electrician and he fitted these amazing windows which aren't actually windows to fool the thieving oiks who target work vans and so far, for him at least, it has worked?

I for one think these look alike vinyl windows look brilliant and I doubt if the DVLA were to look at them they were in actual fact simply a spoof!

vinyl window.jpg


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To be Frank if the Dvla can be fooled by them, so be it. To my mind there is quite a bit of "I'm refusing motor caravan status because I can, and I simply love having the power to refuse".
I don't know of course but I feel sure that the majority of people working in that department has never owned or wish to own a motorhome and have a similar attitude to those motorists that hate caravans of any kind. I'm not suggesting in any way that there should not be a standard but let's face it as they say themselves if it looks like duck quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, then it must be a pig. 🤪 Phil


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Funny what ideas people have, I'd have thought a motorhome would be a better target for breaking into than a works van. Though if you dig deep enough the dvla does state that a vehicles "body type" has nothing to do with what it's used for.


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I’m currently having fun with a change of colour engine and personal plate🤨 on a classic rebuild!!!
Take care all