The heat.


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Well nobody has mentioned it so I will. The heat is great! Most folk complain when it rains too much so this is the antidote. For those that don't remember, it may seem hot to you now but in 76 the temperature stayed at between 30c and 36c for a full six weeks, and Ladies and Gentlemen that was hot. I remember my poor old dad had just layed some turf at great expense just before the heat wave struck, and water bowsers were the only way you could obtain water plus a few stand pipes into the street if you were lucky, poor bloke contracted MRSA ( Which by the way seems to have been written out of history) during the heat wave and expired five weeks into the heat wave, didn't have the heart to tell him all his hard work had died, though he kept asking if we were watering the new turf. So don't tell me this is the start of global warming it has been hotter for longer in the past, just revel in the fact that you can sit back in the evening and have a wine or two or a beer if that's your poison and still be able to water the garden if you want to. Phil

As an aside to this only 4 years ago we were in a euro campsite in Venice where the temperature was in excess of 39c in the shade, and the trip over to Venice City by boat was exhausting. When there folks were sat everywhere the shade allowed 😁

Mad dogs and English men comes to mind
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