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Morning, in the process of installing a new water heater, one of those tankless gas ones, interested to see if anyone else had gone down that route...

Things to note, there not room sealed so its going to be installed in the garage at the back of the van and in its own cabinet and same as the Thetford fridge freezer a vent low and high to facilitate the gasses. Its another two holes in the van but has to be...

I had tried 12 volt using the excess solar to a heating pad on an insulated 20 litre cannister and while it did work, it was only 20 litres and depending on solar sometimes just warm. Had it set up with a temp controller so it didnt just boil, as said, it worked and it was a really cheap way of making hot (warm) water.... ...... But not good enough.

So limitation of tank size dictated I wanted on demand and initially thought one of the 2kw electric ones would do but reviews were negative in that cheap Chinese ones didnt heat as much as they said they did and the real deal from Screwfix was expensive, on top of that 2kw in any time other than summer is going to hammer the batteries over a race weekend... So, Thats how I got to installing one of these things...

Thoughts / input? Cheers...

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I fitted £70 one for bench test but seemed to work very good . It was the gas one. So low voatage. But if tilted it set the houseing alight / scorch it not for me.

Bobil in somerset has own brand kw water heater now. ie there name on it I've seen it at one of the shows


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Went down a similar route but couldn't find an instant heater I'd trust (gas) or that would be good enough (electric) with my battery capacity.

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I don't think that type needs to be room sealed as they are a demand heater and you probably can't carry enough water to make it dangerous enough to kill you, we used to have similar ones in kitchens years ago before central heating was common


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Cheers, will update as it goes in... Ahm reliably slow as ahv got lots of things on the go at once...


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, we used to have similar ones in kitchens years ago before central heating was common

And how many cubic metres was your kitchen? And a van?

The one I have (morco) says in the instructions it must be in it's own vented externally compartment.

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Ours (scullery) was about the same as van Steve, we didn't die as they, like vans were very well-ventilated, pre DG, H&S wasn't invented then.


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Got the CPA6 from hamilton gas products in an outside cupboard with chimney. Works perfect, I'd recommend them for anyone.
Also have the redring 6L electric and even though I have 600ah of lithium batteries, 1000w solar and live in Portugal I still use the gas heater as it uses such little gas and doesn't stress my inverter running a 1.5kw electric heater. I use 7.5kg of gas for water heater and cooking in 4 months. I just put valves on the entry water pipes to each heater so I can choose which one to use.



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Now thats what I'm talking about... Well, kinda wont look as professional but yea, thats what ahm doin... Minus the chimney, ah'll use vents...

That looks a nice install...


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Although not fully room sealed the ones sold with a spigot can still use an external flue, the reason these things get slated so much within the more sensible elephants of the community is because most people are too lazy or too tight fisted to buy and install a flue kit to install them as safely as possible.

And then there’s the exhibitionist yank version of hanging them off a rear door, so they can shower outside…fine in a hot climate but highly impractical for more than a few days of the year in the UK

Morco do a flue kit which I used with mine.

I would never install one where the controls were out of reach as the flow valve regularly needs tweaking to maintain a decent temperature they are heavily impacted by the cold water feed temp.

Also 100% worth installing an easily accessible gas valve and actually remembering to use it!
These heaters are stupidly cheap to buy so I never trusted the quality and safety of the built in automatic valve in mine.


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I mounted the heater just inside the back door on the right side of the van, was the only place it could go, literally, there is no other place it would fit. Timmered in checkerplate behind it and used insert nuts to provide the anchor for the water heater. Anyway, its in...

Plan for today is to try get the time to run the hot and cold pipes from the pump to the heater but it will probably take a few days knowing that ahv no time, n ahm still waiting for fittings to arrive so makes no difference.

Ahv still a heat shield to secure over the outlet on the top, again, checkerplate, just need to put a bend in it and either Timmer it in place or put in inserts, have to ask the engineers how Timmer reacts with heat first although unsure how hot it will get.

Need a gas dropout hole n that will double as fresh air in, do that after the pipe work and its just the gas after that and Duckato, the gas tap, good idea, has made me rethink the route for the gas pipe (longer route) but I like the idea of a gas tap and to be handy it needs to be at the front of the garage where the hatch from living area to garage is, anyway, top tip, cheers...


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Basically what I have done! - Heater sealed in box to NSR door and extraction fan drawing to outside of van. Works well, with no problems and no fumes of any sort picked up by alarms inside van. Aluminium plate at top gets warm after a short time, but no so hot that it can't be touched with any discomfort. Gas taps are all at front under stove for easy access.


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That looks good seeing that the bed / living quarters are right there by the heater...

I got the water pipes from the heater forwards to the bulkhead between garage / living quarters, not hooked up to heater yet as ahv not figured out that bit but I have flexible water pipe to connect them so heater side will be tails and jubilee clips and the not figured out bit connecting to the JG 12 mm pipe.

Awaiting JG elbows and tees (hopefully today) so I can work out where the pipes go next.

Think tonight the bed comes out so I can do the shower side and get it boxed in which ah cant see far enough but needs done...

So, heater coming along nicely now.
Reversing camera wiring modification (ongoing along with the heater).
Finish off the cupboard removal I did in the bedroom.
Make the dining table and kitchen unit side worktop (both folding things).
Finish the grey water dropout, if time install a tank of some sort although no rushing out to spend the big money for a waste tank.

And thats really it for this summer...


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