Supplier of single passenger seats.

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On one of the facebook van building forums I have just noticed a post from someone called David Bonser of Midland Leisure Supplies

Apparently they do get in at times supplies of brand new single cab passenger seats that they normally sell at somewhere between £480 & £555 which is, he claims less than the Polish sourced second hand seats sell for. He claims that they will very shortly be getting another 20 seats into stock, but he does suggest they normally sell out very quickly!

I have just been onto their website and their prices of other things such as windows, heaters etc. etc. do seem to be quite competitive.



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Looks like a handy site.

I suspect I know who he is referring to with the "less than the Polish sourced second hand seats sell for" comment :) - at least on the VW side in which they say they are going to go into this year
For my VW T5 rather then use the 'usual suspects', I went direct to a Polish Seller selling seats on eBay. It was 3 years ago now, but I got a pair of T5 Caravelle Eco Captains Chairs (so twin armrests, heated, plus lumber and height for drivers side) for around £650 for the pair shipped from Poland. They were apparently used, but I think they may just have been new old stock as looked perfect to me.

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Got my single seat from an online scrappy, £80 delivered to my door. I have an Iveco Daily and sadly, not so many "goodies" available for my van, but I do like the "veccy".

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