Suggestions please


I know, I'm putting my head in a noose with a title like that :D

This site was put together quickly, following the demise of DIY; therefore in a few weeks time, we are going to give the site a revamp and would welcome your ideas/suggestions on improving the forum.
All ideas will be considered, but the final decisions will made by Phil admin, who has a proven track record for running very successful forums.

Please post your ideas etc. here, or message me if you prefer.



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Only thing I can think of Chris is editing capability of the thread title unless I've missed something, and the ability to delete a comment. Phil


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This, Trevor, is why it is the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland - coz we Brits (from Great Britian) love our tea and you philistines (from NI) don't - so you are not allowed to be British :D :p
NO SURRENDER to tea.:p


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Evening all
Just a thought as this thread as turned into our drink likes and dislikes perhaps the thread title should be changed? More TEA vicar!!!
Though proves one thing we must be all pretty happy with how things are..
Take care all

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