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I'm Steve I'm 31 and I've had a VW T4 in multiple forms since I was in my early 20's I imported an early LHD Projekt ZWO VW T4 caravelle from Germany a few years back but rust got the better of her.

I bought my current Vaw T4 4 years ago and it's been a love, hate relationship. It was already converted when I got her and looked not too bad, but as the years have gone on and the usual, needing done at MOT time brakes, little welding, springs etc it went for its yearly MOT at the end of Feb and it needed a tonne of welding, new V belt springs and it had a major oil leak and the cost to repair was silly money so it was time to let her go, but I couldn't my wife talked me out of it and after days deciding what we where going to do we, decided let's bite the bullet and make years more memories. I have a little boy who is 1 and a half and we cant wait to get him away.

Because of the welding I had to take half of the previous conversion out that was fitted by the owner before myself, I had a whole optic of JD leak down my units and onto the MDF so decided it was time to start from scratch.

The plan... well wing it best as I can, I plan on doing most of the work myself when I can. The idea is strip everything out, the previous insulation was rockwool and it wasnt covered, I think the original ply was used so that is going to get changed up. 9mm on the floor and 6mm on the walls with 3mm on the roof, the whole thing will be insulated with foil then kingspan or the equivalent and then more foil. I'll carpet everything and fit Flotex on the floor.

I'm still undecided on the cabinets yet ad the old ones are MDF but I'm going to use ply to remake them either with 15mm ply and then use a vaneer/laminate or build a frame and use 3/4mm ply.

Here is a few images if it half out I cant find any images before I started stripping though and help, advice, ideas or tips will be welcome...


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Hello and welcome to our happy fold, I am glad to see that you decided to join a totally dedicated bunch of nutters who are likely to give you far more considered and generally levelled advice than is banded around over on facebook which is why I suggested that you ought to try giving us a go.

As for the material you use for the construction of your cupboards, I am pleased to hear that you are kicking out the MDF units as that material wicks up moisture like the proverbial sponge!

As you know I used a frame work construction for my fit out which of course proved to be exceptionally light as well as proving to be exceptionally robust at the same time as being inexpensive and of course when considering your T4, weight is of course a very important factor.

With regards to any aspect of your build, ask away, no matter you might think your question might be because as sure as eggs is eggs, one of us will have been faced with the very same problem at some time in the past.

All the very best



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Hi, Phil

I haven't considered raising the roof, however I think the cost and work would probably put me off to be honest.



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Hi, Phil

I haven't considered raising the roof, however I think the cost and work would probably put me off to be honest.

Welcome along chap..... Cost wise raising the roof could be done pretty cheap....
Mazda bongos have a electric raise roof that are often on ebay for around the £300 Mark....
Handy bits of kit as they come with a integral sleeping platform.

I was going to use one on one of our landrovers.... BUT in the end went for a Transit Jumbo instead..


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