Solar panel blown off van roof

Just read on another forum just now that a panel fitted 13 months ago using Sika without any mechanical fixings had let go on the motorway. This is just what I have been bleating on about for years warning it could happen on various forums. john


I had the same doubts, mine are fixed with Sika and self cutting screws (y)

I bolted fence clips to roof and fixed the panels to those,it would take semtex to shift them,not my stock of course.

n brown

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as i pointed out many times - you're sticking to a thin layer of paint.


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It’s not something I’d do..... you can’t beat a nut and bolt.

I used screws on my first panel, never bothered since, I don't use Sika, but Stixall.

As for them falling off, bound to happen, plenty of muppets out there who do not follow the instructions, don't clean first, don't put enough on, put too much on, then squeeze it all out.

Pudsey, Darcar, Liberty Hall, Fifth Wheel and I have all been in discussions at another place some time ago on this very same subject!

My panel is well and truly belt and bracered using stainless steel high tensile nuts and bolts as well as good old Stixall that is specially spaced away from the roof of 'Millie' by 2 mm. so that this amazing stuff is at it's highest possible strength.

Many years ago in my former commercial days, I can well recall once driving underneath a fully loaded roof rack that had quite literally flown off the top of the car in front of me!!! Very shortly afterwards the smell was amazing!!!!

Well boy's you all know my take on this, same as pudsey, but all to their own, just like brexit means brexit 🤗🤗


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after reading this i looked at mine looks like only put on with some silicon so put bolts through the brackets that hold the panels on

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