road tax april 2017 vehicles onwards


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Researching base vehicles and am having difficulty understanding the road tax rates....looks like you pay upwards of £500 for the first year (?) then a lower rate . Vehicles with RRP over £40000 pay a higher fee for five years. Is this correct! I am not usually this thick, but it seems that the prices are worded to confuse! Can someone clarify for me. We wanted to buy a pre-reg, or new vehicle but the costs of tax seem to make it better to buy an older, less efficient vehicle?


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I guess that if you’re going to pay over 40k...... then the cost of the tax isn’t going to worry you much!
My understanding is the £40,000 is not applied to motorhomes but I agree it is very confusing the way it is worded.
there are some discussions on this in this thread on the sister site -
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I read the above link with interest! So thought I’d ask the question, our conversion is on a 07 MWB Ducato its registered as a motor caravan, I believe it’s classified as a Euro 4, after reading the above link we seem to be paying more than anybody else at £290 any suggestions please!
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I checked with the van salesman, and clarified about vans ( which is my personal concern). Apparently the RFL for vans is £250 . The car / motorhome RFL is a one off first RFL payment based on the emissions. If the motorhome is valued at more than £40000 (Recommended price, not actual or discounted) then further charges apply, I think! Made it very complicated but this MIGHT clarify!


Makes me wonder how many man hours and how many committees it has taken to arrive at such a ludicrous taxation system!


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Think it changes according to when first registered??
If they switch it to fuel then this in turn will force folk to go electric which is coming in full 2040,no more piston engines sold after this date.
BY the way the piston ring was invented just 5 miles from my house by a man who made the worlds first steam car only a few years after stevensons rocket

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