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Hey all,

About to order a new Fiat Ducato panel van to convert and can't decide on rear door windows.....

Do I buy the vans with windows already in (only £90 extra), but they are single glazed? Or do I get the normal metal rear doors and then fit double glazed opening acrylic windows at a later date (£180+vat each)?

My bed will be at the back of the van where the windows are.

factory bonded single glazed = more secure, cheaper, but will be prone to condensation

me firing double glazed = more expensive, hassle to fit, but better from an insulation point of view.

What do peeps think is best to have on the rear doors?


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I have a Renault Master panel van conversion and personnelly would rather not have had the rear door windows if I had had the choice.
Limited view for reversing, not double glazed and my rear roof light lets plenty of light in.


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My van we converted ourselves and it was fab But... the windows were in already , single glazed ! And oooo so cold in winter and hot in Sumer. We knew we were fighting a loosing battle to have it comfy inside . The windows were huge , i priced up changing them with double glazed windows but huge price and troublesome as they were large . When we brough the van we thought they looked fab but in reality terrible. Just my experience. We have just sold the van. That speaks for itself:)


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Our van was bought new and has rear windows, our bed head is at the door end and I wish it didn’t have windows. If your beds transverse that’s different. Either way I wouldn’t go factory single glazed glass.

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I have a Renault Master van which I have converted, and I have fitted 1 window in the sliding door and 3 along the other side.

My wife has decided that she wants one in the one of the back doors now as our bed is also across the back of the van, and she does like a nice view when she wakes up in the morning instead of having to look at me. :sad:

I am therefore going to fit one window in the rear door which is adjacent to the head of the bed.

We use the Seitz double glazed windows, and to be honest, they are excellent, even though a little expensive, I think it is worth the expense to avoid the condensation, and they come complete with a pull down blind and insect screen.

It is a little nerve wracking cutting holes in the van, but not that difficult. I had help and supervision from another member, but have no qualms now about doing the next one on my own, just triple check the measurements before cutting (Thanks Jim!).


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Had solid doors on previous van, new one has factory fitted windows, because I put the kitchen in the back. I do like the extra light, it's not hard to make really thick curtains for insulation, though they will never be as well insulated as a solid door. Wash/wipe keeps a bit of the window clean ;)

If I was going to have bed at rear, I probably wouldn't have bothered with them.


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Personally I'd go for the double glazed opening windows;

On hot nights having them open will give some cooling breeze.
On cold nights - they're double glazed.
An open window is a lot harder to get through than an open back door.
Most windows now come with cassette type blinds and fly screens.
Having a window provides light above the bed.
The big glass bonded windows fitted as standard are almost impossible to remove without some damage and fitting a steel panel will look crappy.

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