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A friend is selling her converted Ford Transit (1996) 2.5L Diesel Manual that she has been living in and I am thinking of buying it and selling Sylvia.

I am asking £7000 for Sylvia, which is 1987 Talbot Talisman with LPG Conversion and Solar Installation - Dual Fuel
I think I would be better off waiting until the Spring to Sell.

I have put quite a bit of time and money into Sylvia all in all, I think £7000 is probably Top Whack though folk are saying that such Vans with Fibreglass Monocoque from that time are becoming rarer.

Anyone have any experience of converted Transits ? Good / Bad / Indifferent.



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going to be a fair bit smaller, no?
Not sure could be LWB, anyway going to have a look when it is out of the Garage. Only seen it briefly once before in passing...
Hopefully will view soon'ish. Sylvia is a bit sluggish for my liking and even with the LPG conversion is still quite thirsty and costly in pence per mile


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Dunno about total garbage but definitely too desirable to the feral community. My mk7 tranny was a good van but couldn't sleep when it was parked outside at night....
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