Plywood paneling - how to get this smooth seemless finish?


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I've been watching the below video with envy, love the way the guy has clad the interior to get such a smooth almost plastered finish (4.30 mins in gives a good example).

How is it possible to do this without any visible joins between the plywood sheets? Can imagine it would be possible in a static house but in a van surely there would be cracks?:unsure:


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Sorry but I can't stand self promoting YouTube videos like this one!

My walls are made out of 4mm lightweight oak ply and are seamless, it's not all that hard to do, you just have to be very careful when first attaching them to the walls and then most importantly of all with the finishing which took absolutely ages until I was satisfied with the finish.

As for the size of that bed, what a complete and total waste of space, just like so many permanent fixed bed layouts are, what about the all important living day space?
Oh and finally when thinking about the bed, how many times will a tall bloke like the self promoter have banged his head on those overhead cupboards.



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Might have used biscuit joints. He said it was 1/2" ply, so that would work.

I used a similar idea on exposed joints where I didn't go for a seamless look, but had an exposed, chamfered join. The biscuits kept it tight and straight.


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1/2 ince play is way to heavy except for main devider walls, id use 1/8 and batton out as much lighter.

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