OLDER DAF - Any feedback please or comments ? TIA


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Going to see this one in Newquay tomorrow
A bit of a trek however.
Any comments or feedback appreciated before i set off...
My +ves and -ves below

Big enough for living inNeeds new leisure heater
Solid shell by the looksRoof needs re-sealing
Garage area for tools / workshop or Motorbike storageNo Solar
Fixed double bed
Seller seems a good guy (on the phone least-ways)


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Saw that on ebay, thought it looked a tidy motor. Haven't heard any horror stories about the earlier , reckon it's worth a look. Chinese diesel heater only around £100 so that's easily sorted & solar can be had for around 200quid for a 200watt kit. Good luck with it....


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solar can be had for around 200quid for a 200watt kit
Last panel I got was a home one and it's great Unisol 285W and cost £95 plus VAT from Ian at XErogrid
it's 285W and has excellent output, well handled by the Victron MPPT I have

If I can fit a couple of those on the roof would be great, especially if I can create an angled structure for moving them to sunlight, as I have seen on some other people's van's like:

You might recognise that one from the Moffat meet !


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Just regarding this and for anyone reading, is there anything in Particular you would look out for when inspecting ?


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As with any truck, look for rot in cab floor & wings. Cab mounting too. Check that everything electrical works as it should. Think this one should be relatively simple with no computer & the Cummins lump is legendary. Allinson transmission? is a good unit too so drive train should be good.....
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Did you buy it?

Overnighting in Newquay at Premier Inn, drove down in Car as would have been a mission from Yorkshire in Sylvia, the old Talbot
Some images and videos here

So in short she needs more work than i can commit too and also will suck up some money.
Engine and Gearbox are good, underside and cab good, tyres and tread good. Sadly habitation area needs much work imo. Water ingress in roof areas and needs stripping and resealing. Electrics need complete overhaul on Habitation side IMO though owner says the system works fine for him, he gets power from a Generator though it's underpowered.

So having a complete rethink having seen it and potentially back to drawing board. Sylvia, the Talisman is sadly not for me and so I might go backwards a step or sideways and sell her and maybe get something in the MWB or LWB low cost range to tide me over til the right van comes my way or I have better facilities for building my own.
This is still for sale though the seller says someone viewing tomorrow.

Although small the Sprinter does have everything we want although could be arranged better perhaps.

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