New here, with a 1983 VW Lt35 Motorhome.


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Hello Everyone,

My names David, I've have not long purchased 1983 VW LT35 motorhome that has been off the road since 2011 and has suffered with a bit of water ingress in its time, so is in need of alot of TLC.

I have put up so pictures, and was interested to see if anyone on here mite have seen or know much about the coachbuilder who built it or have seen anything like this before.

Thank you and look forward to chatting more with some like minded people.


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That’s a nice winter project…
the VW LT’s were a nice truck in their day. We have had a couple back in the 80’s a hightop LT28 which was petrol and quite quick.. and we had Luton truck 35 diesel which was underpowered compared to todays vans.


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Wow. Wonder what it looks like after a serious clean! Smart, probably!

Something different for sure.

Does it need a complete strip-out inside? I would guess so


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Been working on it hard on the LT, completely been stripped out and been cleaning it down, de-rusting and sourcing materials ect.

Thanks for the relies and hope you like the update.


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You’ve got a lot of work ahead. But enjoy the process it’s all worth it in the end!
Looking better in these pictures 👍 keep us posted 🤞😊

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