Morning all.

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Hello everybody just looked in for the first time.

Van is a 2012 Renault Master with extra high roof and LWB. Lovely to drive and quite economical really.

It will be finished one day!

Morning Rob,
Don't think they ever get finished, there's always some little change/improvement to fiddle with and to me that's part of the pleasure of a DIY build.

Morning ,sun out so on with last we fiddly bits of flagging then back to putting up a ceiling in extension.
Coming close to retirement i seem to be doing more work than ever,but better than being dead.
Morning peepers.

Been up a while, still dark out so no idea what Mr Weather has in store for us today, hope it stays dry down Nottingham way, going to view our possible next van and I want to climb all over and under it looking for damp.

Autotrail Mohican.
Morning all,
Good luck with the viewing PB. Must seem strange without a van, I know I miss ours when it's not on the drive.
A bit late but this morning was very nice dry and loads of sun,i got lots done,2 ton of waste stones etc of to dump,one gate post welded up,tomorrow may be wet so maybe a we rest.(y)
Sun's just creeping out, and we're forecast a good day. Hoping for a few hours bass fishing this afternoon, so it'll probably rain :rolleyes:
sun was good here today but coldish with some wind,still have to do some work though,evening now so in for the night.
Morning all, I can't seem to find the start new thread button, has it gone walk about or do I have early onset doo lally whatsit?

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