ManKat 6x6 or something else to live in permanently?


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Hello everyone.
I hope you are all enjoying life.
We are a couple with a 1.5 year old son who are planning to live in a mobile home/motorhome/camper van for a while to see whether we would like it.
We are researching the best base vehicle for this and so far my partner is very set on a ManKat 6x6 military vehicle.
Does anyone have any experience with this at all or anyone could point us in the right direction?
Any suggestions of other vehicles would be greatly appreciated as well.
Thank you for all your help in advance.
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I have absolutely NO IDEA, however having now taken a detailed look at them I am sorry, but I am forced to ask why on the earth would you want to buy such a cripplingly expensive vehicle to run unless that is, you want to venture both far and wide over the Worlds worst imaginable terrain?

Why not put your first adventurous feet into a far more practical vehicle that is on the one hand far easier to convert and on the other far, far less expensive to run and which would be a far, far more practical place to bring up a very young boy?

There are numerous old Mercedes bus models around of which there have been a multitude of conversions carried out by members of this group and if you are wanting to venture off road, I believe there are several highly practical 4x4 versions which will cost a fraction of the very high prices being asked for ManKat 6x6 military vehicles of which I haven't seen any with any kind of rigid bodies fitted.

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They drink fuel like a thursty elephant at a waterhole, better a small libery bus conversion, lots of room in mine at just over 22ft, there are lots of later 26ft models about, mine does 30mpg at best, have a look at iveco.
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In view of your newness to mobile living I would very much back up @Millie Master , A Man Kat is a very specialized vehicle , not something as a starter motorhome . I would advise that you need to get your toe in the water , to find out if "van life" is even going to suit you , as its very much not for everybody . I dont know what your budget is to be able to suggest a vehicular start point . Its well known that start vehicle is found wanting , and usually its about vehicle 3 that most are satisactory :)